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Data Dictionary

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    A Data Dictionary provides information about each attribute, also referred to as fields, of a data model. An attribute is a place in the database that holds information.

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    For example:


    • Attribute Name – A unique identifier, typically expressed in business language, that labels each attribute.
    • Optional/Required – Indicates whether information is required in an attribute before a record can be saved.
    • Attribute Type – Defines what type of data is allowable in a field. Common types include text, numeric, date/time, enumerated list, look-ups, booleans, and unique identifiers.

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iain miskimmin

Posted (edited)

I have been posting the legacy work from the Infrastructure Asset Data Dictionary 4 UK on linkedIn. all free knowledge share of the lessons we learnt and the materials we created.

An example of the guidance created is attached below it gives a strategy on how to create  OIR, PIR, FIR, AIR.




writing information requirements IADD4UK.pdf

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