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Digital Twins for Smart Cities

Catherine Condie

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Digital twin technology has made great strides in the engineering and manufacturing sector over the past decade, however, there remains confusion around what a digital twin is and how they can be utilised successfully at a city scale. Digital Twins for Smart Cities provides conceptual clarity and practical guidance for supporting city-scale digital twin (CDT) development, outlining challenges, showcasing real-life CDT practices globally, and offering socio-technical frameworks to compare CDT projects. Providing theoretical and practical guidance on digital twin development, this book covers:

  • the purpose, trust and function of CDTs
  • case studies on city, district and subterranean assets of cities
  • comparisons of CDT cases
  • recommendations for putting CDTs into practice. 

Digital Twins for Smart Cities is a much-needed reference for urban designers and planners, built environment professionals, and digital-twin-related technology providers. 

Published by the ICE, endorsed by members of our community and on general sale.


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