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National Buildings Database - data engineering opportunity

Catherine Condie

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National Buildings Database

Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy

This is a contract for a research project to produce a national database of all buildings in the UK. This will involve using a data engineering methodology (piloted by a previously commissioned research project to be provided to the successful bidder) with targeted surveys across all sectors of the non-domestic building stock. A contractor will be procured to: - Apply the prescribed methodology to combine existing data on buildings and energy use; - Design and carry out targeted sector-specific surveys to fill gaps in existing data; - Combine the existing data and surveys to deliver a fully populated national buildings database; - Provide robust documentation, guidance and training on use of the database; - Develop a method for updating the database using underlying existing data; - Develop a method for generating synthetic samples from the database.

Location Any region

Value £2,600,000 to £2,880,000

Date notice published 5 June 2023, last edited 22 June 2023

Closing 21 July 2023, 2pm

Notice status Open

Procurement stage Opportunity

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