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Dr Bola Abisogun OBE

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With a determined focus on my 'use-case' for Digital Twins in Social Housing and humble, well documented contributions to the co-authorship of both the Gemini Papers and the Digital Twin Toolkit, I wanted to share my most recent update; citing the 6th Year Anniversary, last week [14.06.23] of the Grenfell Tower disaster; https://www.linkedin.com/posts/bolaabisogunobefrics_diversecity-surveyors-acknowledge-grenfell-activity-7074911762034085888-UnGP

And, by way of an update, the Digital Twin Skills Academy ‘DTSA’ [see links below] is a purpose led, 'not-for-profit' vehicle for change, in a sector that continues to struggle with net zero, decarbonisation and an ‘age-old’ [and redundant] business model delivering #BAU in a post-Grenfell / post-pandemic environ. Equally humbled that colleagues over at the City of London Corporation have noted the creation of the DTSA ….. via Chris Oldham on LinkedIn [07.06.23]:


Fundamentally, we are committed to spreading greater awareness of the legacy of the work completed last September 2022, by the Cambridge / Centre for Digital Built Britain 'CDBB' whilst empowering, inspiring and engaging with Young People [16-25yrs] along with Careers Changers [incl the 50+] who are keen to consider a career in #DigitalConstruction. 

As is [or should be the case] for many Built Environment professionals, the DTSA is strategically aligned to the delivery of a new [post-Grenfell] legal requirement as dictated and contained within the Building Safety Act [i.e. the development of the Golden Thread]. For those unaware, commencing 06.04.23 an 'in-scope building', is defined as a high rise, residential building that is 18meters high, or 7 storeys with at least two (2) residential units. Every one of the 12,500 in-scope assets, must be registered by October 2023.

As a member of the DT Hub Advisory Group, my ambition is to support the DT Hub to challenge [and upskill] the wider sector, to better understand the role of digital twins [in building safety, decarbonisation and the net zero goal] all as a concept which seamlessly translates into the very three elements [Gemini Principles] of every digital twin namely; purpose, trust and function.


Has the role of Digital Twins been suitably explored to deliver the Golden Thread?

Are asset owners currently measuring the ‘social value’ creation, delivered by their everyday #BAU asset management of 'in-scope' buildings? 

Could tech-native ‘gamers’ be a valid part of the solution to wider industry transformation and greater adoption of digital twins?


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Thank you KHodgson; this is very helpful and indicative of where the industry should be going [at a more senior level]; gamification has a huge role to play.

I've been going into schools, colleges, universities and prisons and storytelling, really looking forward to developing the outreach strategy with the team at Digital Twin Hub [led by Catherine Condie].

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