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Future system data strategy, and the purposes of digital twins

William Varah

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Hi all, I’m doing some thinking in relation to establishing a Carbon Capture marketplace (let’s call it a system), and was wondering if anyone had insights into:

  1. The constituent elements of a data strategy for an entire system. By entire system, I mean looking across a range of constituent organisations (i.e. what does a data strategy look like when considering a future system operator, regulators, system users, the supply chain, and so on)? I’m guessing Project 13 type enterprise models might have useful insights?
  2. And perhaps as a sub question to the above, what different purposes have you seen organisations or enterprises envisaging for digital twins. I’m being loose with my language around what a digital twin is here, e.g. it might include a visual representation of the organisational setup (where organisations sit in the system and their roles) – perhaps as a way of engaging new users as they came onto the system?

Thanks in advance for any insights!

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Points to CDBB...https://www.cdbb.cam.ac.uk/files/gemini_how.pdf

In my view, the answer is, the closest we have is a plan to develop a plan (see above)

You can see in the image that there is an acknowledgement that there needs to be an interface...

A lot of the projects that I'm seeing as part of the Cyber Physical Infrastructure Review I'm undertaking are facing exactly these problems.

Access to data, business models for all involved, what to regulate and how. The only thing that seems clear to me is there is a supply chain hungry to deliver meaningful solutions, but that data holders and originators need to be correctly incentivised 🏑🥕

So Offshore Renewable Energy Systems are looking at an integrated operating model 

... there's a lot, I'm creating some videos on them as we speak.


Screenshot 2023-02-28 140538.png

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