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Information Management and Net Zero / Climate resilience - call for evidence


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Hi all,

In our work to promote Information Management and BIM with national governments, the question we are asked is why digital and how will digital deliver national outcomes?

We have been looking at some of the macro analysis of how digital supports outcomes such as net zero.  For example work by Accenture and the World Economic Forum, estimates that "digital technologies, if scaled across industries, could deliver up to 20% of the 2050 reduction needed to hit the International Energy Agency net-zero trajectories in the energy, materials and mobility industries."

We are putting together research to show what the link is between Information Management / BIM and delivering net zero and climate resilience and clearly there are similar links with Digital Twins e.g. CREDO.  For example:

  • describing what information you need to manage climate impacts and net zero outcomes
  • use of data to enable better decision making
  • the ability to do early and rapid simulations to optimise performance along with many other examples.

We would like to know if anyone is aware of any macro studies related to this subject or any case studies / evidence of how information management can support net zero and climate resilience.

Please comment below if you have any thoughts or would be happy to contribute.




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