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Net Zero Data - Call for insights

Simon Innovate UK

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Dear DT Hub members,

I’m reaching out on behalf of the Open Data Institute (ODI) and Energy Systems Catapult (ESC), who are supporting Innovate UK with a project around the creation of a Net Zero Data Policy.

We are looking for insights that would help both ODI and ESC to develop a Net Zero Data Policy for Innovate UK.

The survey will identify the challenges and organisations such as yours face in the effective use of data with the intent to identify the resources, policies and support that Innovate UK can make data utilisation more effective within the Net Zero domain.

Ideally, we are looking for those with experience and responsibility for data governance or policy to provide their insights and views.

The submission of responses as well as the results themselves will anonymous, though there is an option to provide a contact email address if you consent to be contacted further. The survey results will be utilised by ODI & ESC to inform the development of a Net Zero Data Policy.

We ask that you respond to this survey by COP Tuesday 31 January. 

Survey Form

Thanks in advance for your valuable time!

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