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Commercial building performance data request!

Ian Crust

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Hi all, I am a Building Surveying student at London South Bank University working on my final year research project.  My chosen topic is “The potential of digital twin technology as a tool for decarbonising the built environment”.  I am finding the research really interesting so was delighted to discover the DT Hub!

As part of my research, I am hoping to obtain real-world data on how commercial building performance has been enhanced through the use of digital twins.  For example, I am looking for…

  1. Pre-retrofit and post-retrofit comparison data
  2. Examples of where efficiencies have been realised through simulation or visualisation
  3. Examples of where automation or machine learning have achieved energy savings
  4. Any other examples of where embodied or operational carbon have been reduced during the design, construction or operational phases of a commercial property

I would really appreciate it if any members of the DT Hub community were able to assist.

Many thanks, Ian

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Hi Ian,

Innovate UK was involved in some work in this field a few years ago. This included the £8m Building Performance Evaluation programme (BPE) and the £26m Retrofit for the Future programme. 

There were some data sets for these but i'm not certain what happened to them


As for SME's i'd recommend that you speak to, try Unifi.id and Demand Logic (they both may be on here).



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