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Digital Twins for Planning & Building Standards


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Can Digital Twins be useful in Planning and Building Standards? General discussion around current research, potential use cases, initiatives,  technologies & standards, etc.

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Many thanks for this post Rhett. We've certainly seen interest in the potential use of digital twins for planning purposes from cities and local authorities, as well as from utilities and other organisations that are undertaking long term and strategic planning. 

There is also certainly lots of potential for digital twins in buildings (for planning and operational purposes). We're keen to involve organisations that are developing twins for buildings (the DT Hub addresses the built environment as a whole).

It would be great if you are happy to share any perspectives on the work that you are doing/considering around digital twins and planning/buildings please, as well as any thoughts you have on other organisations you would like us to reach out to in future.

Many thanks,

Nick (DT Hub facilitation team)


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Hi @RhettH  

CDBB had a research network looking into this called D-COM

It focused on adding enrichment to regulations and documentation to allow structured datasets to be tested against them.  The precursor was a BRE research project called regBIM that tested IFC data models against the approved documents as BREEAM as a proof of concept.

I've added the CDBB final report if you are interested


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Hi @Nicholas,

Thanks for the insight. I'm with the team at Scottish Government that is working up the strategy for a digital transformation of the planning system in Scotland. We're keen to link up with anyone else looking at DT's in the context of Planning and Building Standards. We think DT’ are a powerful concept that could aid with improved decision and policy making that result in better places.


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