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SAVE THE DATES: Apollo Forum events

Su Butcher

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At the live launch of the Apollo Protocol white paper, @Neil Thomspon and @Jonathan Eyre revealed the next steps for the Apollo Forum and the dates of our upcoming hacks. You can watch the reveal here: https://youtu.be/k1Wy9kLvF0Y?t=4199

Each theme will be explored with two types of events that you can attend:

  1. a live in person hack/round table session and
  2. an open online call around week later

Numbers will be limited for the in person events by capacity.

The online open call is aimed at everyone and intended to all intents and purposes to be the same as the physical event.

All these events will be listed in the DTHub Events diary shortly but for the time being you may want to get them in your diary:


Each online call will follow around a week after the in person event. Registration will open for the first hack next week.



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The value hack which is first up is about creating a single value chain for data services and requirements. My personal view is that the data market place for digital twins is in its infancy, but could be something that all of society benefits from if we manage it correctly.

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