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Innovate UK Funded Projects - Roll Call !

Simon Innovate UK

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If you have successfully won an Innovate UK grant or a KTP for your Digital Twin project, please feel free to introduce yourself below! 

(Note: To find your "Gateway to Research" link, go to https://gtr.ukri.org/ and search for your project. Paste the link below.)



Your Name (or Company Name):
Your Project Title: 
Gateway to Research Link: 
Project Description:

Website / Press Links: 



That's it!

I look forward to hearing from you,
Simon Hart, Head of Digital Twins and Cyberphysical Infrastructure
Innovate UK

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Hi Simon! 

Your Name (or Company Name): Scott Durno / High Speed 1 
Your Project Title: 5G Integrated Railway AR Digital Twin
Gateway to Research Link: GtR (ukri.org)
Project Description: The rail industry has seen reduced passengers and revenue and due to COVID-19, the challenge is now to attract passengers back to a more reliable railway through diagnosing faults quickly and efficiently, and giving our frontline staff access to information that can allow them to proactively improve the customer and passenger experience.  HS1 has had to deal with increased maintenance costs in relation to network assets for several reasons, but in particular the increased difficulty of getting personnel to our assets in a socially distanced manner.  Our current data infrastructure isn't capable of reporting vast amounts of information in real-time and doesn't allow personnel to quickly isolate the location and reason for faults and failures.  This R&D project is to implement remote condition monitoring to diagnose faults remotely.  Using 5G technology, real-time data can be fed into an augmented reality Digital Twin (ARDT) allowing for monitoring of our assets and live data feeds to engineers at the point of need.  The benefits include reduced costs, time and CO2 emissions as a result of maintenance activities being monitored and inspected remotely, and the reduced time of in-person maintenance due to the higher level of pre-attendance information.  The ARDT has also replicated assets to provide a training aid to our teams, allowing engineers to train on equipment in a safe, virtual environment, and then progressing to site equipped with better practical training and knowledge to allow them to more safely carry out maintenance and repairs.  

Website / Press Links: 

HS1 complete UK’s first 5G-enabled augmented reality digital twin trial (globalrailwayreview.com)

PAULEY leads UK-first ‘augmented reality digital twin’ railway project with HS1 | RailBusinessDaily

HS1’s digital twin trial gives a glimpse of the future of railway (globalrailwayreview.com)

I believe we're also in the physical copy of the next Global Railway Review issue also.  



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Your Name (or Company Name): 3D Repo LTD
Your Project Title: AEC Production Control Room
Gateway to Research Link: https://gtr.ukri.org/projects?ref=106169
Project Description: Smart construction planning just got smarter with this NASA-inspired control centre for large-scale projects. Frustrated by the lack of real-time, accessible information from sites, a diverse collaborative from across the industry has developed a sophisticated production control room that can improve decision-making around delivery. The data-powered platform acts as a single source of truth across a complex chain of contractors. Teams can digitally rehearse tasks, spot inefficiencies before they cause delay, and flag safety hazards. It means decisions can be made with certainty, so projects are more likely to be delivered on time, on budget and built as they were designed.

Website / Press Links: 



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Your Name (or Company Name): 3D Repo LTD
Your Project Title: Rebar 4.0: Supply chain made smarter
Gateway to Research Link: https://gtr.ukri.org/projects?ref=94330#/tabOverview
Project Description: The management and installation of reinforcing steel (rebar) which is a significant structural part of all concrete pours on any major project is complex with many parties and stakeholders. At each stage in the supply chain, steel is transferred from one company to another what may result in the loss of material identity and the use of material of dubious or unknown origin, and hence of unknown properties and performance. This requires effective management of the supply chain if construction projects are to be delivered on time, on budget and to the required quality with reliable estimation of the amount of embedded carbon within. Rebar 4.0 embraces a collaborative approach from all stakeholders in the reinforcing steel value chain to digitise the whole process. It enables digital compliance checking and delivers a true digital twin representation of the built environment for handover.

Website / Press Links: 





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