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What is the connection between the Project 13 Network and the Digital Twin Hub?

Melissa Zanocco

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It was a pleasure to join the Geminin Call this morning, 26 April 2022 to explain the connection between the Project 13 Network and the DTHub.

Project 13 is a set of Principles for delivering new economic infrastructure in a collaborative outcome focused Enterprise model. The Principles are based around 5 Pillars and one of the pillars is Digital Transformation.

After the launch of Project 13 in 2018, the Project 13 Digital Transformation pillar evolved to become a separate workstream of the Infrastructure Client Group programme in its own right. The Digital Transformation Task Group is made up of the Chief Data Officers, or equivalent, of the ICG members. The DTTG worked hand in glove with the CDBB and now with the Catapults.

In April 2019 we held a workshop to discuss whether there was a gap when it came to digital twins and, if so, what would be needed to fill it – and it was out of that workshop that the Digital Twin Hub was born. The founding members of the DTHub were members of DTTG but many were also Project 13 Adopters. Many of the clients that are leading in digital twins are also leading the way in delivering differently as the two go hand in hand as my presentation here explains.

The relationships being built in these communities are helping to accelerate learning and leading to initiatives like the Climate Resilience Demonstrator (CReDo) so please do also join the Project 13 Network, as well as the DTHub. My hope is to see many more initiatives like CReDo kicked off in the near future. 

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