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INSIDE - ECLIPSE - ARROWHEAD invites to a webinar 30 March 14:00 CET

Kjell Bengtsson

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INSIDE - ECLIPSE - ARROWHEAD invites to a webinar 30 March 14:00 CET 

Full program now available. 


The Arrowhead Framework is addressing IoT based automation.

The approach take is that IoT's are abstracted to services. This to enable IoT interoperability in between almost any IoT's. The creation of automation is based on the idea of local automation clouds. A local Arrowhead Framework cloud can compare to global cloud provide improvements and guarantees regarding:

• Real time data handling
• Data and system security
• Automation system engineering
• Scalability of automation systems

Integrating OT automation with IT is made feasible by the Eclipse Arrowhead architecture and implementation platform.

Featuring realtime capabilities, multi protocol interoperability, scalability, security, flexibility. The technology is based on Service Oriented Architecture and Micro Services. A set of core micro services enables the design of automation and digitalization solutions.

Security: X509, Interoperability between major SOA protocols,
e.g. http, COAP, MQTT. Tools for interoperability for legacy protocols like OPC UA, MODBUS, Z wave also connected to ISO 10303 (STEP)

aht-invitation-final (7).pdf

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