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New standard for Digital Twins - powered by Digital Engineering


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Hi All,

AS 7739-1:2022 Digital Engineering for Rail – Part 1: Concepts and Principles” is the first in a series of standards that will finally begin to define “what does good look like” for DE in this fast-paced world of digital innovation and emerging technologies. The draft Standard was released last week, commencing 8 weeks of public consultation, and will be finalised for official release in mid-2022.

The concepts in AS 7739 extend well beyond “BIM according to ISO 19650”, by diving deep into the world of data modelling, data specification and effective data management – that together will drive industry wide digital transformation. Most of the content in this standard is universally relevant for other sectors beyond rail, and present significant opportunities for digital transformation of the wider built environment.  

This week work commenced on “Part 2: Technical Requirements", which will dive even deeper into the world of data modelling, data management and data specifications for rail infrastructure projects. This document is planned for public consultation in Q3-2022 – so many more exciting times ahead!

Once completed, these two standards will finally provide digital solutions to many of the data management issues that have challenged the infrastructure sector.

Furthermore they will provide an essential foundation of structured data, and will support the future vision of digital twins, smart infrastructure and smart cities.

As the author of this document, I’m personally thrilled to reach this exciting milestone. It’s been an amazing opportunity to work closely with the Rail Industry Safety and Standards Board (Australia), along with industry and academia members of the Development Group review panel. This is a huge milestone for everyone with an interest in DE and for anyone seeking to understand how infrastructure projects are delivered and improved using digital methods.

For anyone interested in downloading and reviewing this document, I strongly recommend you also watch the recording of last week’s webinar.  This session ran for an hour and included a 45min overview of the standard, followed by around 15 mins Q&A. At the tail end on the presentation, I also included a section on how this will directly support and enable digital twins, smart infrastructure and smart cities - which should be of significant interest to everyone in this forum.


AS 7739.1 Digital Engineering for Rail - Draft for PC.pdf

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The webinar for this draft standard is now on Youtube - see below.

Given this forum is all about digital twins and smart infrastructure, I recommend you jump to around the 38min mark for a succinct explanation that brings this all together.

The consultation period is open for only 3 more weeks with the closing date set for Monday 11th April 2022 - so last chance to be a part of this exciting initiative and to help shape the future direction of infrastructure delivery.



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