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Looking for a collaboration - Asset Digitisation using 5G connected 3D Drone trials

Mert Uygun

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3Cell currently going through one of the largest transformations in the company’s history. So far, 3Cell has mainly been an expert/engineering services provider to multinationals, including mobile operators and mobile network equipment manufacturers. However, we are now working on our own exciting range of products and solutions. 3Cell has prototyped a fully autonomous drone offering that will significantly simplify and digitalise telco site surveys. Our drone offering can operate autonomously to complete surveying missions and use the data collected to generate 3D site models, report on signal strength measurements, manage digital asset data and identify any structural site issues.

3Cell’s grant fund application for Innovate UK has been submitted and waiting for the result. 3Cell have conducted initial research into providing a full end-to-end autonomous drone telecommunications survey solution (elipptic), developing the base architecture for the software platform, and identifying the necessary hardware and cloud engine specifications. This project enables 3Cell to develop a novel AI engine, utilising 3D modelling of the tower and surrounding areas (identifying blocking points) to provide a full survey report and equipment inventory with insights (e.g. antenna positioning/direction) to maximise ROI and 5G network performance, removing the reliance on end-user experience. However this solution could apply to other industries as well where 3D modelling and its data acquisition required. 

We have already partnered with a range of innovative organisations to turn the prototype into an industrial offering. These include Brunel University, IUK, Cambridge Wireless, UK5G, BT and the University of Westminster. We are getting a range of technical, financial and commercial support from these partners. After all collaborative projects, we expect the first version of the industrialised solution to be working at client sites by late 2022.

As part of our solution development and transformation effort, we are calling for organisations or individuals who have an interest in running pilot projects, 5G/Drone trials and in asset digitisation those that can help us increase awareness and build a network in the industry, as well as those that are working on similar drone-based (telco/non-telco) solutions.

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Interesting project and getting autonomous drone maping is a great idea.

Our expertise is in mobile mapping (not automated) of complex assets & structures - if you have inner city sites where permission to fly is not possible, we could look to collaborate with you and fill the gap.

Another idea woud be to continue the asset data / digital twin to the inside of buildings & structures - we have  new system for mobile mapping inside, so if this is of interest, let me know.


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