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Digital data from space: what value is there and how do I get started?


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This is the question we’ll be diving into for a quick 8 minutes during the next Gemini Call Tuesday 1st February at 10.30am-11.00am.

Did you know that radar satellites continuously scan the earth, emitting and receiving back radar waves? These satellites do not rely on daylight to image and so we can collect radar measurements day and night, and even through clouds. Using different processing techniques, this data can be used to create 3D digital elevation models, map floods and measure millimetres of movement at the Earth’s surface – all from hundreds of kilometres up in space. And did you know there is free data available to track pollutants, monitor ground changes and track vegetation?

There is. In huge volumes. Petabytes of data are held in archives which allow us to look backwards in time as well as forwards. With all this opportunity, it can seem a bit daunting on where to get started.

To know more read this blog.

Hope to see you next Tuesday for introduction to the topic and some signposting on where you can go to find out more to make the most of such data for your own assets.

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On 15/02/2022 at 09:30, Ajeeth said:

Is there a recording of this call?


Hi Ajeeth. The recording can be found in the media section here: 


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