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Claire Dowdall

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At this morning's Gemini call NDTp update, @Peter El Hajjpresented a timeline of milestones from across the programme in 2021. From breaking through the 3000 member barrier here in the DT Hub community, to projects that have received wide recognition such as the CReDo film, a lot has happened that you may not know about.

Here is the timeline and I have taken the liberty of sharing links to information on all of the key milestones below:

Digital Twin Toolkit and Collaborative Workshop

2020 Benchmark Report

Skills and Competency framework

Capability Enhancement programme

Agile Standards white paper

The 7 Circles of Information Management and Process Model-based Information Requirement

Cyber Physical Summit

1 Year of Gemini Calls

The journey towards ‘grounded semantics’

CReDo webinar and film

Ethics and the Gemini Principles report

Would you like to give some recognition for a job well done in 2021? Whether it's for any of the CDBB team or even within your own organisation, feel free to share it below.

On a final note, it's been a pleasure to be your Community Manager for the last 2 months, to have seen so many faces on Gemini Calls and I'm excited to establish our brand new DT Hub Community Council in 2022!




NDTp Highlights Newsletter@2x-100.jpg

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