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We would like to announce a couple of changes to the IMF Community network:

You may be aware that the content of this open network has been publicly available since 30 November 2021. It means that posts in the forum are also visible to guests of the website (non-registered members).

In line with the change in permissions, we have also refreshed the description for the network, to align with an enriched definition of the IMF.

Following the publication of the Pathway towards an Information Management Framework, we have enriched the definition of the IMF to emphasise the importance of the non-technical elements of the framework, which have always been recognised as crucial for the realisation of a National Digital Twin. Non-technical and technical elements are placed on an equal footing:

The Information Management Framework is a collection of open, technical and non-technical standards, guidance and common resources to enable the seamless sharing of data across organisations and sectors.

The changes to the network reach and its description reflect the widening scope and relevance of the IMF and position the network as a window to the IMF team thinking, and as a unique channel for members to contact the team and ask questions about IMF resources.


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