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Digital Twin Roadblocks - Top Voted Idea from Jam 3 - your builds on this idea please

Katie Walsh

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Jam 3 

In Jam 3 we asked for ideas, just ‘in a nutshell’ ideas, to solve the roadblocks we found and prioritised in the previous Jams. 

We wanted to know if the challenges we found inspired solutions, and that we were asking the right questions to be able to come up with viable and valuable ideas. 

During the course of the Jam many ideas were generated, voted upon and developed. DT Encyclopaedia is the idea that got the most ‘Dragons Den Investment’ (virtual stacks of money) from the jam participants.


This Post - what we'd like from you please

Please post your comments, we would particularly like to know 

  • what you think of the idea DT Encyclopaedia?

  • any ‘builds’ - additions -  on the idea you can think of, 

  • any (completely theoretical at the moment) help you would be able to offer to bring to life the DT Encyclopaedia project if this idea did go forward towards reality. 

The text below is transcribed from the original images attached, so it’s legible, and in some cases explained a bit more.

Written up:

The Idea: DT Encyclopaedia

Notes on the idea: Creating a central data sharing facility and tools to capture e.g. case studies with benefits / impacts and resources (capabilities) - create tools to enter the details, self sufficient environment (supported by a couple of IT resources) (Like a wiki for DT people)


We need an environment where different personas can go:

  • decision makers - details to enable you to make decisions

  • experts - a community to reach out and employ to help you start your DTs

  • tools to help you share back your case studies / expertise

  • linked into the DT Hub, but self sufficient

  • governed by clear rules and a career framework for expert skills

On single Post-it notes:

Funding - comes from industry ‘tax’ [contributions from beneficiaries] - Governance of it - could be University?

Needs themes, everything should be self managed

DT Hub on steroids - employment, resources

Who will be utilising it ?- makers, clients, experts, best if self sufficient


Please add your thoughts, ideas and comments on this idea (negative as well as positive) below, many thanks.





Screenshot 2021-12-01 at 14.48.19.png

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DT Encyclopedia sounds like a great idea, it lends itself to a volume/ modular approach, prioritising the volumes that are quick win. It needs a series of agile sprints to work through the overall architecture and mockup a proof of concept.

As with anything I am guessing we would need to start with a Business Case to secure some sponsorship. It would be good to understand potential next steps, I would be very happy to be part of the group that takes this forward, I can see this as a very practical and pragmatic approach to address the readiness issues and give all stakeholders the platform with the right tools for a successful transformation

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The perennial problem with wiki’s is getting sustained traffic. So this should be stuffed with tangible, useful  things. Some thoughts of things that could be added:

- A repository of open-source code that can be used in DTs

- Boiler-plate text for business cases or funding proposals

- A “I need / I offer” feature to help people find partners / products / services

- Editable imagery that can be used to support business cases (ideally based on data from experiments / implementation)

- Actual raw data from experiments / implementation.

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It might be useful to have a 'Digital Twin for Dummies' section that would take you through a process and basic principle to create you first digital twin (something simple to play with). This would also use some of Ron's ideas from above.

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@Alan Gould agree there needs to be structure which considers the different stakeholders that need to navigate the site so consider the questions they may ask and lead them to the expert level of info appropriate to them, so Digital Twin for Dummies, costs and business risks and mitigations  for one  set of stakeholders versus more specific architecture and coding details and issues for systems engineers.  Perhaps also link in wikis and applied guidance from groups such as systems engineers (eg INCOSE), safety and security societies/institutions etc.

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