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Data Flow - Direction of Travel


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I'm wondering what peoples thought are on the direction of travel of data as we build more and more twins.


For instance, data gathering can be parasitic, symbiotic or slave; it can be data taken and not returned, data taken and a response given and shared and it can simply fed into something.


I'm wondering that if most systems which are built a parasitic where's the benifit of those twins, if they a the majority does that then undermine the wider twin network and if this happens it will be very hard to unpick and maybe miss represent twins.


I do have an underlying concern but that's not for this conversation and please, if you want to reply and tell me your system/IT thing can solve my problem please to do not reply.  With the best will in the world I'm not in the market for tech solutions, I'm interested in peoples thoughts.


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@Paul - I think that data's direction of travel will always be towards a decision to be made. I don't see a link between the data's direction of travel and its ability to undermine a network, even if the entire network is in one direction (eg. train timetables).  However I see a link between 'data connections' and 'network value' although network value are difficult to quantify.

In my view digital twins are tools that enable us to make better quicker decisions, i.e. to go quicker through the information value chain (figure below) where decisions are likely to involve a form of intervention on the physical world and an intention of better outcomes. And of course data quality has a fundamental role in this (bad data > bad decisions).

The other use of data often mentioned highlighted by @Matthew West is entertainment (eg. Books, Netflix, Meta, etc.).

I guess there is also a commercial/legal angle to your point on direction but I don't think this was what you were hinting to. 


Source: Gemini Principles

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Data Naturally flows through the lifecycle, through the supply chain, and upwards through levels of management and control.


On 23/11/2021 at 10:47, Paul said:

data gathering can be parasitic, symbiotic or slave

I don't understand what you mean by this. Could you explain a bit please?

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