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Gemini Call Feature Focus Discussion: 'Automation Enabled Digital Twins' Q&A

Claire Dowdall

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On the Gemini Call on 16th November we had Sheikh Fakhar Khalid - @Khalid - Chief Scientist at Sensat, present a Feature Focus on 'Automation Enabled Digital Twins', which created a lot of discussion and questions!

Khalid has kindly agreed to carry on the discussion of the key topics that came up.

If you'd first like to watch his presentation, you can view it here.

Here are the key questions that were asked, so that you can add your own thoughts and Khalid will be checking in to respond! (Note that we had a few questions around dimensions, so we have grouped them for you)

  • What standard is applied to the data to achieve semantic interoperability? Or is this all just siloed tech?


  • Is the 'digital thread' a thread through time or a thread through process? Or both?
  • Is a digital twin 3D or 4D?
  • Why does a digital twin need to be three dimensional? Surely the definition doesn't require that?
  • On '3D', shouldn't we make a distinction between the digital twin and the visualisation of the digital twin?


  • Is there a danger of using "levels". It makes "lower level" twins look less mature, even though that might be all that is needed for that use case. We saw that with BIM - where some "chased" the levels

What do you think? Please share below...

(And don't forget to register for next week's Gemini call here)

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