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Talking to parliament - how digital copies of our cities can predict when infrastructure fails

Simon Russell

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Something (hopefully) of interest to share. 

A colleague at the University of Bristol, Dr Maria Pregnolato, was in Westminster this week as part of the Sense about Science event, talking to parliamentarians about how Digital Twins can predict when infrastructure fails. 

With others, Maria is exploring how DTs can increase the resilience of infrastructure. One project features a case study using the Clifton Suspension Bridge - more detail is here.


This and other work is informing discussions with policymakers as it is seen as important to recognise that the value from DTs will be diminished if a number of Challenges to Implementation are not addressed, including:

  1. Compelling definitions and unclear processes
  2. Standardising protocols for data management
  3. Supporting engineering companies in the digital transition.

It would be interesting to hear the thoughts of others.


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