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Organisation logos - show your involvement in the DT Hub community

Tom Hughes

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We are releasing a new feature on the DT Hub - a display of organisation that are contributing to the community.

Every time someone visits the DT Hub home pages (or reloads the page) a random selection of 7 organisations will be displayed. The display will always be representative of our diverse community of asset owners, innovators and academic membership. Each image can also be linked to your organisations website.  

This display will feature prominently on the DT Hub home page and will be an opt-in feature.

If you would like your organisation's logo to feature in the display we need a suitable image file:

  • PNG format
  • Max 300 x 300px
  • Transparent background
  • (Optional) website address 

To opt-in please send your logo and website address to: dthub@cdbb.cam.ac.uk

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