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The Korean Airport Corporation (KAC) has kickstarted the development on a new digital twin platform for their 14 national airports.


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I am glad to announce that over the next 32 months, I will be undertaking the role of international coordinator (Through buildingSMART Korea) on a pioneering Digital Twin Project, which has just been kickstarted by the Korea Airports Corporation (KAC).

KAC has formed a consortium consisting of around 25 staff from 4 BIM-specialised practices in Korea to undertake the development of an openBIM-based Computer Aided Facilities Management (CAFM) System that will transform KAC's 14 national airports into state-of-the-art digital twins.  Around 85 million passengers travel across these airports annually.

Backed by a significant budget of USD 7 million, KAC aims to take theory into practice by developing a world-leading case (pilot project) for digital twins on Airports.

buildingSMART Korea (bSK) has been assigned a leading consultancy role on the project and will thus be in charge of developing information standards, guidelines, and system requirements based on ISO-19650.

In my capacity as an international coordinator and researcher on the project, I will be representing KAC as a point of contact for interested foreign parties, and I will be actively scouting for potential collaborative and promotional opportunities. 

The scope of this project is indeed ambitious and we have 32 truly exciting months ahead of us to complete what is expected to become a ground-breaking pilot project that will bring long-awaited advancement to the field of BIM and FM.

KAC AIrpots.jpg

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Hi Kasper,

I would be pleased to connect with you to learn more about the KAC project. 

I am with www.darvis.com, a US based technology company using computer vision & AI to create digital twins for use in asset tracking, supply chain inventory management and logistics, as well as security applications that would be appropriate for airports. 

I am based in the UK and lead the UK and international business development for Darvis, which currently includes the UK, Germany and the Middle East as well as our US operations.

Please feel free to reach out to me at simon.reid@darvis.com. 

Kind regards,


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I would love to help you out with our DT solution at LEMAUREY. We have already built a perfect solution for Airports that I would be delighted to share with you and to see if we can collaborate and streamline your process.


Please see our website: www.lemaurey.co.uk for more information or reach out to my email: andy@lemaurey.co.uk




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