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Call for Digital Twins users to contribute to skills research

Andy F

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My innovation consultancy Plan (https://www.plan.london/) are running a project with the UK government's Connected places Catapult (https://cp.catapult.org.uk/) to identify skills gaps that could support the roll-out of Digital Twins in the built environment, mobility and infrastructure sectors (airports, shopping centres, hospitals, power stations, etc).


We are recruiting leading users of Digital Twins to understand the organisational benefits, stories of how they are used to improve decision making, and the associated mix of roles and skills – now and in the future.


Would you be willing to provide your team’s perspective?

We will share the summary of the findings with you and fully reference you in a report that will be circulated to you and others in the Digital Twins community. And as a small thank you, we are offering an incentive for participants, either as cash or a donation to a chosen charity.


Ideally the research will involve other members of your team and take up to 2 hours of peoples time, split across different activities:

1. One-to-one interview with team member who has the greatest digital twin oversight (~1 hour, via Zoom)

2. Daily email question for other team members (~10 minutes a day, 1x email for up to 5x days)

3. Wrap-up group discussion with all available team members (~1 hour, via Zoom)


We're aiming to run the activities between Tuesday 31/08 and Friday 10/09.


If you are interested or have any questions please email me andy@plan.bz

I can then send additional details.


Thank you!


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I am a solo software engineer working on a project in the edutainment domain. And I see DT as a next step for my project. I am not at that stage yet. So will not be able to contribute much to your survey. But I have few suggestions from an engineer's perspective to what I see as a requirement for the DT ecosystem to pickup steam and a fault line resulting from that and a possible approach to avoid that.

For the DT ecosystem to get a huge fillip some considerable efforts will be required to build a national cloud and networking backbone so that startups, Universities, SMEs and enterprises can not only experiment and prototype their ideas, but also deploy them so that their application(s)/product(s)/API(s) are available to others for use. With DT there will be massive amount of data generated at very high frequency and that data will have to flow between multiple points, in many cases across the country. So a high speed and resilient backbone and cloud infrastructure at national level for DT project is essential if the ecosystem has to flourish rapidly. One example is XR Cloud infrastructure at national level that the DT ecosystem can use to experiment with and then deploy their AR/VR/MR applications for say, medicine, defence, manufacturing, build, education etc.

Having said that, there is one big danger of this backbone being attacked and that could cripple the whole DT ecosystem. Now to avoid that we will need multiple redundancy systems in place so that if one system fails, then the other system can take over.

This is the core requirement if the DT ecosystem has to flourish rapidly.


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Hi Ajeeth 

Thank you very much for contributing your view on the need for a national backbone for experimentation. Very helpful with our understanding of what is needed.

All the best with your project, Andy

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