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Digital Twin Delivery to any device


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I'm new here, and to this area (having been in TV Tech and data before). I am trying to find a source of which companies are involved in the creation of Digital Twins (UK / Europe / Globally), and this seems like it might be a suitable forum! This year I have started work for a Canadian company (PureWeb) who specialise in the delivery of Digital Twin assets to any device, smoothly, at scale. As you will all know here this is not a simple task as glitchy delivery ruins the experience for everyone. We can work with Digital Twin developers creating objects using both Epic's Unreal Engine and Unity.

Is there such a list of companies that I can study and contact?

I would appreciate your input.

Many thanks


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Hi Gavin - Welcome to the Digital Twin Hub!

Our supplier register in the explore section is a listing of companies that are involved in the creation of Digital Twins. The register is community generated. For example as a representative of PureWeb you can create an entry for your company. When listed, each company has a profile that includes a short elevator pitch, information on the type of services offered, and links to their website / other relevant links.  I hope this is helpful and what you are looking for. 

We have active community members from both Epic Games and Unity Technologies - I have added links to a post from each earlier in the year.

I also hope your post sparks some further discussion from members of the community that are tackling similar challenges themselves. 

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