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When 19650 met Uniclass


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Is there or has there been any work to show how Uniclass meets/works with ISO19650?

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Hi Paul,

In my former role as Director Digital Engineering at Transport for NSW, we completely integrated Uniclass 2015 into the Digital Engineering Framework - that's 100% aligned with ISO 19650.

Check out my website for more details - https://www.deosdigital.com/digital-eng

I'd also recommend downloading the TfNSW DE Standards Parts 1 & 2, and the explainer guide to Uniclass 2015 (titled "Application of Uniclass 2015 for Transport for NSW") -  all publicly available here: 


If you'd like to learn about this more, please get in touch

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I'm just exploring how I can make my data and information a little more useful for the Non Construction user whilst making sure all the "correct" standards and conventions are used in the background.  So people ask, Where is my Thing, the where being ISO19650 and the Thing being UNICLASS, however, I see them as crossing over one another (crossword style) and it makes me ponder if there's commonality or parallels to help triangulate my data and info, (the third line being time of course).

Excuse the bold, I can't get it to switch off...

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