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Infrastructure/built environment systems map

Peter El Hajj

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Hi All 

On the NDTp we want to develop a systems map for the infrastructure/built environment systems. We want the map to show the entities, connections (edges) and information exchange.

Just wondering if anyone has relevant examples to share?

Here are the examples I found online so far:

Example 1 from https://www.mcs.anl.gov/papers/P7050-0517.pdf


Example 2 from https://nic.org.uk/app/uploads/Systems-mapping-for-UK-infrastructure-systems-decision-making.pdf

Example 3 from https://www.semanticscholar.org/paper/Identifying%2C-Understanding%2C-and-Analyzing-Rinaldi-Peerenboom/b1b7d1e0bb39badc3592373427840a4039d9717d/figure/2

Figure 3. Examples of infrastructure interdependencies.

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Good work.

It's interesting to see the use of the existing infrastructure assessment methodologies (from the Royal Engineers), great to see a study not re-inventing the wheel!

I will read more in-depth as time appears in my diary. thanks for sharing.

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