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SOCIETY NETWORK = Really-Big-Picture Enterprise-Architecture


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I got accepted into the CoAct CSS Summer School so it would be great if we can contribute related with this opportunity.


Topic would be inter / transdisciplinary public engagement in CSS activity and TECH support.
This also relevant with research at NCCPE

I attend in the NCCPE workshop and cited the Humanner project in the final email attached workshop report:

‘Publics are attracted by the idea of there being a problem to solve – while they might not
have the tools or expertise to solve it, they are eager to contribute and connect with those
that might. The idea of the specific ‘disciplines’ is not something that will factor into the
public’s thinking and desire for conversation in the same way that it might an academic’s.’

‘How interdisciplinary are we willing to go? As someone who works in the humanities, it’s
far easier to discuss ideas with a historian or an academic in English literature, for example,
than someone working in STEM – but focusing on the problem might be the way to occupy
that space together.’

‘One of the topics we discussed was how interdisciplinary projects begin; one of the ideas
we had was a shared interest or problem, rather than random, shared research areas. This
initial point was also a good way to include community voices.

‘We talked about hinging PE around ‘themes’, rather than disciplines. The public aren’t
necessarily interested in thinking about issues within a set discipline – rather shared
themes or problems that affect society at large, or might affect them personally.

‘We discussed engaging the public using interdisciplinary teams that are put together to
solve a problem and help answer questions that the public want to learn about. The intent
is to solve a problem that just happens to highlight your research. These events will often
lead to the biggest impact, and would also be the most rewarding to be a part of.’

‘There's a whole bunch of bright people (in this room and beyond) thinking about this
topic, and thinking about public engagement not just around disciplines or subjects, but
big, interesting topics and questions we face in society today. In terms of ‘next steps’:
Networks! Meetings! Project sharing! Collaboration! i.e. finding ways to strengthen this
bright group of people by fostering opportunities to support and learn from each other.’


If you know someone who can help turn an idea into project, please connect with Citizen
Social Science in the age of the Alpha Generation: First digital Collective Intelligence
(Link end of the pdf doc)

Interdisciplinary Public Engagement Workshop write-up.pdf

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