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Dave Murray

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The Defence and Security Accelerator (DASA) exists to find and fund innovations that may have benefit to the defence and security of the UK. Funding decisions are usually made within 3-4 months of application and initial application is made by completing an on-line form. Their current newsletter can be found in the attached file, but here is a summary of their current areas of specific interest:

·        Maritime and Early Warning Innovations - £1.25M – closing date 6th July.

·        Space – a series of needs ending 2022- £2M on first ‘drop’.

·        Open Call – any idea considered but with a special stream related to Security aspects.

·        Loans of up to 100% for £250K to £1.6M at 7.4% over 2 years (as an alternative to grants) are available

·        GPS navigation and/or timing links to another funding stream are available.

Also on offer – getting your idea/products’ slides widely advertised within government (all departments).

It’s worth a look on their website www.gov.uk/government/organisations/defence-and-security-accelerator, or contact pwilkins@dasa.service.mod.uk (01980 951 634) for more details on any topic, how to apply etc.

DASA Newsletter July 2021.pdf

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