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Cheaper semantic 3D city models for the UK


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My name is Joe McGirr and I'm a Software developer and founder of EarthEye LTD, a new UK-based start-up developing novel algorithms to automate the generation of semantic 3D city models at a cheaper price.

3D city models will be a vital component in the wider DigitalTwin infrastructure, as they enable buildings and their dimensions to be accurately modelled and extracted for various analyses e.g. solar potential analysis, shade analysis, development/maintenance planning etc. However, currently most 3D city models are very expensive to obtain or do not have sufficient geometrical detail.

The models we generate are LOD2, semantic 3D building models, so they have full polygonal 3D roof structures (not just flat blocks) and thematically differentiated surfaces, such as “roof” and “wall”. Also, our automated approach means that we can produce the models at a much cheaper price than the existing suppliers on the market.

Currently, the models cover a wide area of UK residential homes.

I'm reaching out to this community to enquire if anyone believes these models could be of use to them or their industry and/or provide any guidance on how these types of models can be used to help support the aims of the National Digital Twin Programme.

Please post below or contact me at joemcgirr89@gmail.com for further information.




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