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*New* - The Defence Digital Network

Dave Murray

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The objective of the new network (The Defence Digital Network) is to provide a forum for the rapidly emerging ‘new-look’ of defence, its Digital Backbone and its nascent DT journey.

This DT Hub is uniquely placed to bring together the best thinking and best ideas from all sectors, and people from all levels within those sectors. The Defence Digital Network will provide a forum for all sectors to discuss topics of relevance to those engaged with the defence change program – in industry, academia and government.

Key Military, MOD and DE&S people, engaged with implementing the changes, will be invited to pose topics about which they would like to engage with the wider DT community. Responses will be collated and returned, with responders accredited where they wish to be. This will assist linking SMEs (and others) with defence sector decision makers as well as creating a path for organisations in other sectors to understand and engage with defence. Both of these aspects are declared objectives for the defence change program.

In addition, the network will address the more detailed aspects faced by people and organisations involved with Digital Twins. The original topics of Lifecycle V&V, the expanding role of Test Engineers are examples of that.

It will take a little time to build the infrastructure and threads for The Defence Digital Network so please join, keep checking what we are doing and, even better, add your thoughts about topics of importance and the direction we can take to achieve our objectives.

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