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Call for experts: BSI Digital Twin panel


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New standards are being developed in the field of Digital Twin. The international technical committee is currently defining concepts and terminology and researching use cases. The aim is to deal with horizontal issues impacting on digital twin in any sector, so we would welcome representation from all types of industry.

Come and join other UK stakeholders to help shape these international standards and contribute your own ideas for best practice. Let’s make sure that the outputs are relevant for UK industry. 

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The Building Standards Division of Scottish Government would be interested in how we can help ensure statutory requirements (societies minimum requirements for buildings) can be embedded in Digital Twins. This goes beyond the Golden Thread requirements, including energy performance and sustainability for example, and is relevant to jurisdictions out with England, where statutory systems have similar aims, but different mechanisms. Digital Twins should be the place where the memories of compliance with statutory requirements reside, in an accessible and robust way.

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