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The UK Government Information Exchange Standard (IES) - request for a copy


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Hi @Neil_Harrison.  It looks from the Industry Data Models Survey Document that the IES will be become publicly available soon:


I haven't seen it yet but copying in @David Leal who might have more information on IES publication.

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Hi Peter.

Lets hope David has something, the clue below says it was released in sept 2020 but I cant find it.

Thanks for your reply.  I spotted the description of "available soon" in the document below:

A Survey of Industry Data Models and Reference Data Libraries.   To identify requirements for, and provide input to, a Foundation Data Model. Version 1

link here industry_data_models_and_reference_data_libraries_0.pdf (cam.ac.uk)

Do you know when that was published (there is no version history page of the document I seen).

There is also some reference to the IES on this page.

link here A Survey of Industry Data Models and Reference Data Libraries - DT Hub Community (digitaltwinhub.co.uk)

10.1.5    Maintenance and usage
The IES standard is actively maintained.  Version 4.2 was released on 2nd September 2020.  Version 1.0 was released on 3rd June 2015, and there has been a succession of revisions since then.
The IES standard is used by Government departments and agencies within the UK for the exchange of data, and particularly by the legal community and Home Office for data concerning warrants.  The standard is also used for inter-government exchange by Australia, Canada, NZ, UK, and USA.

BR Neil

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