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Infrastructure Asset Data Dictionary for the UK - Legacy knowledge share

iain miskimmin

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Back in early 2013 I was privileged to bring together about 20 different owners, major projects, contractors and consultants to look at creating a common asset data dictionary for infrastructure, in a group called "Infrastructure Asset Data Dictionary for the UK" or IADD4UK for short.

The group looked at the challenges of how to create AIRs, OIRs and much later PIR and FIRs (function information requirements) putting together guidance, advice and sharing our experiences.

Unfortunately to actually write the dictionary, rather than just understand the "how to" would have taken funding, which we failed to get. So each organisation took the knowledge and started to create their own asset data dictionaries. This of course defeated the original concept that it would all save much money and time if we all described our assets the same way!

The group was placed in a holding pattern in 2018 when i was too unwell to keep up the curation, but recently I have started to publish some of the works, slide decks and papers on the linked in page:


The work is still very relevant, and if i can secure some funding, i will get the work put into a guidance book.


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