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Hello all , 

just joined this exciting platform , I am  particularly interested in operation and maintenance manuals , as someone who constantly needs to refer to these when replacing and repairing facade and fenestration works , I would love to see how technology and blockchain potentially could revolutionize this sector .


if anyone has any insight , I would be interested in further discussions.

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Blockchain is interesting, I do some crypto trading/mining and its an interesting response by the government on the technology/crypto exchanges, specifically the one in the news at the moment.

Summary: It's all about the different capability of the various blockchain's and their application.....TikTok is a great source of knowledge once the algorithm pickups what you're interested in blockchain/crypto/application/technology/lamborghini's

Altcoins/applications XRP, HNT, VET, HBAR, ADA...there are many more...BTC and ETH obviously. There is a lot of chat about the future of the technology and but I think it's here to stay. People were saying "Internet 2.0"

Happy to chat more on the subject.

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