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Hi Everyone, 
Hope you all are good,

I am looking for an 6 month-1 year internship on Digital twins,
I wish to take this opportunity to introduce myself as a final year student of M.Tech (Energy science) in
JMI University, New Delhi.
I did my 3rd minor project in "BIM standards incorporation on DT platform for an OFW farm"

A brief summary of my past and current working experience is attached.

An experienced Energy sciences student with a wide range of technical and analytical experiences
coming from a long list of professional projects i have been involved with.

I have experience in Data visualization, data analysis, and working knowledge of Tableau, Power BI etc.

During my stint after my Technical Diploma and B.tech education I have been involved in all phases of
projects starting from conception, FEED, detail design, construction and execution, commissioning to

I am a BIM, Digital twin and data analysis enthusiast and would love to serve as a contributor for realization of its full potential to renewable energy environment.
Kindly give consider my application and give me a chance to showcase my knowledge and enthusiasm
for this study.

Please let me know if you have any open position in Study, research, project related to DT.

Amir jameel
+97433193766 Whatsapp

Amir jameel_DT Thesis application ( 4th Sem).pdf

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Hi Amir, great to have you here. Let us know if you're successful 😀

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