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CDBB Vision, Roadmap & State of the Nation - Have your say!


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It will be good to see some more frequently updated progress on the roadmap. Something like National Digital Twin growth in one page.

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What kind of National Digital Twin will be if you ignore the SOCIETY of need in digital tools infrastructure?

How would you like to develop a KNOWLEDGE economy BASED SOCIETY if your system ignore the PEOPLE?

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On 10/06/2021 at 12:18, Mark Enzer said:

Hi Humanner.  Yes, it's all about outcomes for people, society and nature.  Have you seen 'Our Vision for the built environment' (https://indd.adobe.com/view/f2092c85-cd16-4186-9035-e2a63adc2bf9) and 'Flourishing Systems' (https://www.cdbb.cam.ac.uk/files/flourishing-systems_revised_200908.pdf)?  Would be great to chat about this...

Hi Mark,

Thank you for your links. I'm so happy to see these visions like: (A paradigm shift is required: we must recognise infrastructure as a system of systems and manage it accordingly.) Your documents also validate our project idea as most of the details are in our research database as well.
What we try to establish an operating system of the society to help them in collaboration and collective actions based on TRUE information. As our companies already have methods, tools to manage them operation but for the community do not have similar opportunity yet.
That is why we would extend the present limited functions of social networks to give tools for the society for a better way to interact with each other across different segments.

From foresight to policy improvement and recommendation. 
Seems to me our project find the HOMETOWN in this community. 
Would be great to have a chat in the near future.

Kind regards

Janos Deak


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