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Digital Twins in Healthcare


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Hi all,

I understand that most members of here will be focused on DTs for the built environment, but I was wondering if anyone out there has a list or any knowledge of the healthcare DTs that are currently being developed in the UK? I see that there are two DTs based on Hospital buildings but I was wondering if anyone knows of any DTs being built for anatomy and biological processes? Similar to Dassault's 'Living Heart project' https://www.3ds.com/products-services/simulia/solutions/life-sciences/the-living-heart-project/

Any info or links would be much appreciated!

Pete winter

(Sociologist of Science and Technology, University of Sheffield)


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There is an excellent early use of DT in the US at the University of California Health System.  They are using that system for online access to all the systems (electrical and mechanical) in a large hospital. It is used for tracing the impacts of failures and shutdown and providing early indications to problem areas.  They are converting from pneumatic to digital controls so that the DT software can interact with the building controls.  For further information contact: VuOps, a wholly owned unit within DPR Construction Co., Andrew Arnold <andrewar@vueops.com>.

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Hello Pete,


Please feel free to reach me at andrewar@vueops.com to discuss DT for healthcare.


Andrew Arnold


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