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Digital Twins Tuesday 2 minute blogs

Peter van Manen

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“There are two things in life for which we are never truly prepared: twins.”

Josh Billings

Frazer-Nash has started posting a 2 minute blog every Tuesday.  Each takes about 2 minutes to read and captures and explains an important thought for the day.  Always in plain English.  

Here are the different episodes in the series:

1.  Known unknowns. Unlocking awareness, knowledge and action.

2.  Time and space. The relativity of structure, behaviour and certainty.

3.  Trusted friends. Authority, assurance and agency.

4.  A puppy isn’t just for Christmas. Long-term value.

5.  Greeks bearing gifts. Giving context.

6.  Back to the future. History, science and maths.

7.  Wisdom of the crowds. People matter.

The first two are already available to read.  So, sit back and enjoy.

Peter van Manen


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Really great to see these being shared @Peter van Manen I have enjoyed both weeks publications so far. I especially like this statement you included this week 'Digital Twins can be initiated at any time in the process, to tackle both new and legacy problems.' I like that fact that this suggests the Twins must be developed with a purpose in mind. Be great to get your thoughts on whether you see twins as being created to solve specific problems or created alongside assets under the understanding that they will be required to resolve future challenges. 

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