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Modelling interactions between built and natural environments

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Kirsten Lamb

Welcome! This discussion thread is for exploring opportunities to make better decisions about the interfaces between the built and natural environments of the UK by integrating models from these sectors. 

This conversation kicked off at an interdisciplinary workshop on 21 and 29 January, 2021. Participants have been invited to continue the conversation here, and to invite others who might want to join in. 

Questions to discuss include (but are not limited to):  

  • What new questions would a national digital twin (comprised of integrated models from built and natural sectors) be able to answer?  

  • Who are the stakeholders and how would they interact with integrated models and resulting decisions?  

  • What new opportunities and benefits would this integration enable? Where would the biggest impacts be?  

  • What are the research and development priorities based on these opportunities? How might this impact the development of the Information Management Framework (IMF) for a national digital twin?

Finally, a report will come out by the end of March summarising the insights from the workshop, and that will be posted here for your reference.

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Kirsten Lamb

I'll start us off. There was certainly interest in continuing collaboration between built environment and natural environment modellers based on feedback in the workshop. In the short term, what do we need to do to demonstrate the value of integrating data and models between these sectors? What cases of collaboration already exist? Flood modelling springs to mind, but comment if you know of others! Or, if none spring to mind, what would be a good place to start integrating these models? What local-scale projects would benefit from model integration?

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BGS and Cambridge collaborated on modelling heat flow from basements to the surrounding strata and groundwater


BGS and Dr Sauer Group worked on an integrated geospatial model at Farringdon Station



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