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AMRC - Untangling the requirements of a Digital Twin.

Jonathan Eyre

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I'd like to share with everyone a recent report by the AMRC set out to Untangle the Requirements of a Digital Twin defining and justifying a digital twin to be A live digital coupling of the state of a physical asset or process to a virtual representation with a functional output.

This is an accumulation of the research AMRC has been doing in this space over several years working both with multiple sectors of industry and academic institutions so I'm keen to hear your thoughts on the approach taken to breakdown the requirements of having a digital twin defined in this way. Does it match your approaches to having a digital twin? Where do you find the emphasis being of deploying such systems?



For those of you unfamiliar with the work AMRC are doing in the digital twin space, a few cascading findings and metrics still stem from a previous report back from 2018.



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