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What is the proposed relationship between CDBB's national digital twin and DAFNI's work?


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DAFNI (Data & Analytics Facility for National Infrastructure) is developing an approach for digital twins pertaining to infrastructure networks.

In some ways, this is an easier task that the one being tackled by CDBB because infrastructure projects are more cohesive than the more broadly defined approach envisioned by CDBB (though I realise that infrastructure projects remain complex to implement as digital twins).

My question is: to what extent is CDBB's approach and DAFNI's approach being dovetailed?

For example, once CDBB's Information Management Framework (IMF) is ready, let's say that a digital twin is created to model a proposed new neighbourhood, including the roadway infrastructure, electrical infrastructure, water infrastructure, neighbourhood level information such as building plots, trees and parks, schools and emergency services, etc., and building level information such as volumetric information, building finishes, etc...

Then, is the idea that this entire scenario is modelled using the IMF with some or another model adaptors to interface with DAFNI models? Else, is there a way to model the built environment related information using IMF and then dovetail this with existing infrastructure models developed via DAFNI? Or possibly other approaches?

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