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<Enhancing the UK’s Geospatial Ecosystem>-Published on 2020-11-24 | From: Geospatial Commission and Cabinet Office


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There are two reports launced by Geospatial Commission on 2020-11-24. They are keen to hear from people's feedbacks. 

(The reports are related to digital twin, although digital twin was not mentioned in either reports.)


1. Enhancing the UK's Geospatial Ecosystem

PDF, 3.47MB, 20 pages


2.Frontier Economics Geospatial Data Market Study Report

PDF, 1.95MB, 122 pages


Reports download link, with html alternative formats: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/enhancing-the-uks-geospatial-ecosystem

Enhancing_the_UK_s_Geospatial_Ecosystem..pdf Frontier_Economics_-_Geospatial_Data_Market_Study.pdf

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People (eg. AGI members) were asked changes and opportunities in May, to help investigate the features and dynamics of the UK ‘geospatial data market’ or data ecosystem. 

6 questions that were asked, and should have answers in the report. 

Changes in the UK geospatial data/services market:

1.How have data value chains evolved?

2.How have interactions between the public and private sector changed?

3.How are new types of geospatial data derived from an original source?


Opportunities for better use of geospatial data across the economy;

4.What other markets/ecosystems is the geospatial data market starting to integrate into?

5.What barriers are hampering future development of the market?

6.How will demand evolve in the future?


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