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A survey to help us describe the boundaries of digital twins

Liz Varga

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University College London’s (UCL) Infrastructure Systems Institute is working together with the DT Hub to collect academic, industry and government knowledge and experience on digital twins.  This survey is an activity that contributes to our research portfolio in economic infrastructure (energy, transport, water, waste, telecoms) helping to deliver public and environmental good through self-healing and anticipatory systems, sustainable innovation and resilience.

For this survey we want to determine the scope of a digital twin and to hear about your examples - both real and planned!  Here is the survey link https://ucl.onlinesurveys.ac.uk/digital-twin-survey.

In preparation for the survey we have conducted a literature review and a small number of expert interviews.  This survey provides a way to validate or challenge our preliminary findings and collect up-to-date examples which is important given that this area is evolving rapidly.



You will be able to respond anonymously to the survey but if you want to provide text or examples you should anonymise unless you are happy for these to be publicised.  There will be a chance to provide your email if you want to get move involved in  CDBB and the National Digital Twin programme or you want to be notified when the results are published (planned for end Dec 2020). 

Thanking you in advance!

Liz Varga, Professor of Complex Systems, UCL


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