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Publication of the First Steps toward an Information Management Framework


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The National Digital Twin Programme has initiated work to create a thin slice of the IMF for the Construction Innovation Hub, to support the development of CIH’s  Platform Ecosystem.  This thin slice of the IMF is called the FDM Seed. 

Fig 1.General classification of the TLO – taken from A Survey of Top-level Ontologies

The first steps of the FDM Seed project is to survey the landscape, to investigate what ontologies and Data models are already in use out there; what they can do, their limitations, and assess what tools may be useful as a starting point for the FDM and the RDL. 
The NDTp Commons Technical team have undertaken the landscape survey and have now published two reports:

•    A survey of Top-level Ontologies (TLOs)
•    A Survey of Industry Data Models (IDMs) and Reference Data Libraries (RDLs)

The final survey of top-level ontologies is, we think, the first of its kind.

To take part in the discussion on the surveys and their implications, we invite you to become a member of the Digital Twin Hub and join the Digital Twin Hub IMF Community Network

What next?
The Programme is now in the process of gathering recommendations for which TLOs to use to start the work on the FDM Seed thin slice.  We anticipate basing the FDM development on one of the TLOs, bringing in elements from others, based on the survey & analysis. 


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