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Nationalized Infrastructure?


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Hi all,

Today I discovered that we (Wales) have begun to nationalize our rail service with all Transport for Wales routes coming under govt control

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Cited in the comments is the need to focus on customers over profit.  Considering @Tammy Au's earlier post about Flourishing Systems and re-envisioning infrastructure to put people first, I wondered how people felt about the National Digital Twin and whether nationalization will be seen as an opportunity or barrier?

Interestingly now, Wales has nationalized its airport and is nationalizing a lot of its rail... Is Wales best placed for the first truly national digital twin? ?

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As an adopted son I would think probably yes. Perhaps a digital twin of the rail network will be the thin end of the wedge.

At the end of the day, during Covid, rail travel isn't making the money and some services need to exist whether they're making money or not which let's face it provides serious challenges for a private business.


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