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Enterprises creating digital twins have a need to understand the benefits their digital twins bring to their own operation but also the benefits which accrue to their customers, supply chain, local community, industry network and relevant government bodies.  An understanding and harnessing of these benefits has the potential to drive not only individual business cases but also impact regional development spend, regulatory price controls and national policy.  

In response to this need, CDBB commissioned a piece of work to create a logic model to find a consistent way to describe the benefits of connecting digital twins.  That model has the potential to deliver both the forward view to guide investment decisions in connecting digital twins and also a retrospective assessment of the benefits achieved by connecting them. Read the CDBB blog, What is the point of a National Digital Twin?  to find out more about the logic model 


The NIC’s Data for the Public Good report and other publications have described benefits to the economy and enterprises from the sharing of data in a secure and resilient way.  As such, the National Digital Twin programme was set up to create the Information Management Framework to enable that secure resilient data sharing in the built environment and beyond.    

The vision for the National Digital Twin is not a central repository of all data rather it is a ] principles principles based means to connect data or individual twins to create both public good and value.   The challenge is to understand where the greatest value can be created from the connection of individual twins.   

The NDTp will be running a webinar on 20th October where we will discuss the challenges of valuing data assets, the good they deliver, and how connected digital twins may change the way we do business.   

To receive the link to the webinar, register  via Eventbrite; https://ndtbenefits.eventbrite.co.uk

The Webinar will be held, 11:00 – 12:00, Tuesday 20th October, via Zoom Webinar 

Hosting and chairing the webinar will be the National Digital Twin programme’s Commons Stream Lead, Miranda Sharp. Joining Miranda will be a panel of experts; 

Leigh Dodds – ODI ;

Leigh is Director of Delivery at the Open Data Institute. 

You can read about the ODI’s work on data institutions here: https://theodi.org/article/designing-sustainable-data-institutions-paper/  

Herman Heyns – ANMUT

Herman is CEO at Anmut and Member of Tech UKs Digital Twins Working Group. Anmut is a consultancy that enables organisations to manage data like any other asset. 

You can read more about how ANMUT value data on their website: https://anmut.co.uk/data-valuation-what-is-your-data-worth/  and  https://anmut.co.uk/why-you-should-be-treating-your-data-as-an-asset/

Peter Vale – Thames Tideway;

Peter has worked with a consortium at Tideway which has researched the benefits of digital transformation. 


We hope to see you there. 

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Thanks for sharing the event! It looks like an interesting one.

It happened to me that the registration link is broken. But if the text is copied to browser, it will work. I have updated the hyper link ->  https://ndtbenefits.eventbrite.co.uk  if anyone had the same problem as me. [I have also reported the problem of the link in the community calendar]



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Hi Steven, Thank you for bringing this to my attention. The link has been updated and should be working now.

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The Benefits webinar happened last week on Tuesday 20 October and we were delighted to have nearly 100 people join us for the discussion. If you missed the webinar, it was recorded and is available now on YouTube


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