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A period of reflection.......

Kevin Reeves

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A very sunny and warm hello to fellow enthusiasts !!!

I have been reflecting on the quite unbelievable Digital Twin journey over the last 2 years and having to pinch myself at the progress that has been made.

Within Costain, Digital Twin is recognised in all corners as something our industry needs to do, in the big wide world the same can also be said with what seems to be an ever increasing global drive!

Wanting to challenge not just myself but the community at large, here are a two 'big ticket' items of reflection where it feels as though we haven't yet fully succeeded:

1 - Collaboration - now don't get me wrong, the collaboration from DT has been truly exceptional and is, I believe, changing industry. However are we still creating digital dots that are yet to be properly connected?

For NDT to really be successful we need to reach a point where open conversations can take place between Gov, academia and industry in a way that has not traditionally happened. Discussions that are 'warts and all' that would not normally happen between say an owner / operator and supplier, or between Government and industry.

 We risk restricting the value of DT which will verge on the magical if truly transparent.

2. - Engineering mindset - No surprise here that as an engineering led industry the focus with DT's appears to be largely engineering focused.

In a recent piece of work looking at data trusts, the legal complexity of scaled data sharing has been eye opening. What if a decision is made based on data from say 10 organisations, and that decision leads to an issue because of some low quality or incorrect data, who is then liable?  Would it be possible to identify the bad quality data?

Exposure to leading research has identified the complexity in privacy, ethics, trust, reliability, accountability and security in relation to collaborative data sharing.

It was also interesting to hear about work by the Financial Conduct Authority looking at what a Data Conduct Authority might look like, where data might be monetised.

As we look past the engineering foundations, there is a lot to do.

I hope people do not view any of the above negatively, this all screams opportunity and is only natural as we lead the world in the development of scaled, federated Digital Twins. 

What other big challenges do people think need some focus?



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