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Organisational Information Requirements - Free Webinar

iain miskimmin

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One might argue that the foundation for any Digital twin is understanding what information is required for the business to exist and deliver on its strategy and client needs.

Without this, how do we know what information to include in our Digital Twin and how our assets are performing in carrying out this objective?

I'm delivering a 3 hours free webinar on the 12th August to show a simple method for extracting OIRs from an executive document and specifying what is critical to understanding the business benefits to owning a Digital Twin.

be great if you can join me!

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Hi @iain miskimmin

Thanks for sharing this, I have registered the event "Digital Advancement Academies: Business Outcomes in Information Management" via the link. 

You might want to create a calender to better promote the event, as mentioned in DT Hub Editorial by @Tom Hughes.





By the way, I happen to came across this when searching, Foundation Data Model.

As I saw a webinar about "Introduction to FDM Seed".  @Matthew West



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On 12/08/2020 at 14:04, iain miskimmin said:

thanks Steven, much appreciated.

I'll get onto the calendar and make sure the next one is there.

The video of today's session is here:


@iain miskimmin Thanks very much! The courses were very enlightening. The collabrative way of mindmapping also helped to reinforce learning. I am looking forward to more courses in the future. 

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